Do you have the expertise and resources available to enhance your security posture?

Peace of mind protection against cyber crime and data theft

Secure by design, KiwiDX offers seamless end-to-end encryption to combat ever-evolving digital threats and guarantee the integrity of your data.


Intuitive integration

API-led integration supported by comprehensive developer resources, SDKs, documentation, and online support makes securing your platform’s data with KiwiDX simple and easy.



With corporate customers seeking increasingly rigorous InfoSec standards, your cloud platform needs to rapidly extend its security and compliance posture.

But with a pipeline of feature improvements, and a fully committed budget and development capability, you don’t have the bandwidth to fit this in.

Integrating with KiwiDX eliminates this problem.

We’ve already done the hard and complex work to accelerate this and help you to future-proof your SaaS platform.


KiwiDX enables a frictionless API implementation and deployment to remove the risk and uncertainty.

We’ve created a highly secure, API-driven toolchain for easy integration and frictionless user experience, ensuring compliance and privacy.

Either use our APIs and SDKs directly or contact us if you would like the integration done for you.

KiwiDX enables you to easily integrate advanced encryption to empower your people and seamlessly secure your platform.
KiwiDX is a product of Todd Digital, a subsidiary of the Todd Corporation.

Todd History

A history of growing successful technology companies

The Todd Corporation is a family-owned business dating back to 1884. Since then, the Todd Corporation has maintained its entrepreneurial culture with a long history of investing and growing successful technology companies.

We’ve been using KiwiDX ourselves over the last 2 years, refining and improving it as we go.

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