We bring smart digital solutions to market that you can trust.

01  Digital solutions


Technology problems, human solutions

The importance of trusted digital solutions increases, as we conduct more of our lives online. We bring smart digital solutions to market that you can trust – solutions that are simple and that prioritise privacy and the security of personal data.

Todd Digital designs accessible, human-centric digital products, built on innovative technologies that enable businesses to thrive as technology evolves faster.

02  Consulting


Digital Product Consulting

We actively collaborate with our customers to move their great ideas forward through the commercialisation process. We help them move beyond the proof of concept stage, building ideas into products, launching them and operating them in market. Our services offering is designed to allow focus on a particular challenge area, or we can provide full-life assistance.

G2S Garage to Showroom

Digital Strategy & Innovation (DSI)

Where solutions don’t exist or ideas need firming, we work together with our customer to develop and deliver digital strategy and digital design services.

Our digitally underpinned service combines technologies such as AI and IoT with digital and connectivity needs, considering our mantras of ‘simple and secure’.

The services you need

Our 3 degrees of consulting services offers a choice in the level of engagement you need:

1) Perform spot-check recommendations to guide and assure.

2) Provide ongoing training-on-the-job for your staff.

3) Take responsibility to deliver for you.

3 Degrees of Service

03  Co-innovation


Cross-disciplinary collaboration

Operating at the forefront of innovation, we collaborate with experts from diverse disciplines to solve complex problems and generate simple, seamless, products and solutions.

Smart and fast

The Todd Digital process takes ideas from concept to customer testing to fully commercialised products and services, in the quickest, most efficient way possible.